Interdo’s and interdon’t’s

Kobot’s hot tips for conducting interviews that are good for everyone In recent years, the importance of conducting research before you begin work on a project has started to gain more clout. Professionals in all sectors are realizing the full scope of what they need to do before starting a project—and it can be daunting!… Read more

Kickoff Meetings: What are they and why should you do them?

You’ve found the right company to build your website or develop your digital product (maybe it’s Kobot!). You’ve agreed on a budget and signed a contract. What happens next? Well, any agency worth their weight in bitcoin is going to invite you to a meeting aptly named: the Kickoff. Kickoff should start with high fives… Read more

So you need a website?

Questions you should answer before you call a designer Starting a business or running an organization can be hard enough without having to think about the task of creating the dreaded online presence. Reaching out to someone like Kobot is a substantial first step to ticking this off your list, but it’s a great idea… Read more

Introducing: Ask Kobot Anything

Welcome to the Kobot blog! Personally, I (Jodie) have always felt more of the “new year, new me” impulse in the fall than in the New Year. So that is my explanation for why we’ve had a fully redone, rebranded website since February (Pretty slick, eh?) and we’re just getting this blog rolling now. But… Read more

Small Brands Do Best When They Do Their Own Thing

Every time I see a small brand launch into an ill-considered social media engagement campaign I get a sore feeling in my gut. I’m not talking about big budget, Super Bowl-sized campaigns, but those small, simple tweets intended to engage followers and start a conversation like “Tell us your favourite experience with our brand.” These… Read more

Why We’re Moving Away From Mockups

Making a PDF mockup for a client is a time worn tradition in web design, and for good reason: before HTML work begins, it’s important to get sign off on the site’s overall look. The client wants to know what they’re getting before you build it, and it’s important to provide them with assurances you… Read more

WWOSAL? (What Would Our Specific Audience Like?)

One thing we do in the early stages of site building is documenting the audience. Before we write anything, design anything, develop any features or even brew a pot of coffee and think about doing those things, we develop a document that outlines the exact audience for the site.

How I Accidentally Started a Web Design Company

I never intended to start, much less, run a business. I spent my young adult life in Edmonton pursuing the things that I loved which all centered around music. I put on all-ages shows, I wrote zines, designed album covers and t-shirts, I recorded music and most importantly, I played in bands which toured across… Read more