Big News!!!

Kobot is excited to announce that we have joined Edmonton-based creative agency, Sticks & Stones! Over the years, we’ve had many opportunities to work with Sticks & Stones, and have grown to deeply admire and respect their inventiveness and creativity. We are excited to combine their award-winning design, filmmaking, and animation skills with what we… Read more

Refreshing your cache

If you have ever worked on a website project with us, you know that by the end of the Build phase we invite you behind the digital curtain so that you can provide feedback before the website launches. But there may come a time when, despite requesting changes and being assured that they were made,… Read more

Newsletters! Signed, sealed, delivered right to your inbox

As businesses have been forced to adapt to the new post-COVID-19 lifestyle, many are pivoting to be online (or more online). If you’ve been doing plenty of online orders lately, you may find yourself in possession of a huge cache of emails and wondering what to do with them. Though it might be obvious, newsletters… Read more

How to get yourself on the web quickly (when in a crisis)

Last week we put together a blog to help those in our community that have had to move their business online fast. We went over how to get yourself set up, which platforms we’d recommend, and how you can get things running over time. Then we got to thinking—what do you do if you’re a… Read more

E-commerce is for everyone

As an office, we’ve been trying to brainstorm ways we can help ease the stress felt by our colleagues, clients, and friends as the world works to contain COVID-19. With everyone being asked to stay home and non-essential businesses told to shut their doors, it seems like a good time for businesses to start thinking… Read more

What it takes to write a website

It’s happening! You’re finally revamping your company’s website—or maybe creating it for the first time! There will be kickoff meetings, interviews, and then the “good stuff” can finally begin: Logos! Colour schemes! Design!! We know it’s all very exciting—we’re excited too! But we want to put this READ ME tidbit here before we get too… Read more

Are we UX-ing yet?

What is User Experience (UX) Design? An amazing discipline? A buzzword, catch-all, synonym for usability? Or… according to a sassy Medium article… a joke? For us, UX design is a process that ensures a product (in our case, a website) has been built and tested to satisfy the needs of its users. UX is not… Read more

How to hire a web design agency

It’s been a year since you decided to bite the bullet and turn your personal passion into your profession. You’ve come home from work every night and put a few hours into creating a business plan and now you’re starting to take on small projects on the weekends. Now, the income from these projects is… Read more

Our year with WordPress’ Block editor

In December 2019, WordPress rolled out version 5.0, introducing a new approach to editing and managing content. When the block editor was in beta in the fall, we decided it would be best to embrace this new approach and work quickly to integrate it into our process, development and design approaches. Although change is terrifying,… Read more

BOOM. Happy type.

“Happy type” is a phrase that many designers take for granted, but what makes type “happy”? Happy type means that when someone comes to your website the type should make them… feel happy, whether that’s in a literal sense or in less obvious ways. The type should be legible, accessible, beautiful, and ring true to… Read more