Virality and Truth

This post is an expanded excerpt from our case study regarding our recent work with comedian Jon Mick.

Nobody knows you’re a dog

The Internet has changed the way information is published, but not the way we interpret the printed word: twenty or more years ago, publishing was expensive, so the things that were published went through some kind of vetting process. They were, for the most part, trustworthy. Now that publishing is free and immediate, anything can get on the Internet, but we haven’t shed our willingness to believe the printed word.


Small Brands Do Best When They Do Their Own Thing

Every time I see a small brand launch into an ill-considered social media engagement campaign I get a sore feeling in my gut. I’m not talking about big budget, Super Bowl-sized campaigns, but those small, simple tweets intended to engage followers and start a conversation like “Tell us your favourite experience with our brand.” These campaigns grow from poor advice from blogs or mimicking what bigger brands do. It’s frustrating to watch because they can be done right—all it takes is consideration of what your brand is, how your followers are already engaged and how to earnestly reward and grow that engagement.


Why We’re Moving Away From Mockups

Making a PDF mockup for a client is a time worn tradition in web design, and for good reason: before HTML work begins, it’s important to get sign off on the site’s overall look. The client wants to know what they’re getting before you build it, and it’s important to provide them with assurances you will deliver something in line with their branding, identity and expectations of their site.