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Big News!!!

Kobot is excited to announce that we have joined Edmonton-based creative agency, Sticks & Stones! Over the years, we’ve had many opportunities to work with Sticks & Stones, and have grown to deeply admire and respect their inventiveness and creativity. We are excited to combine their award-winning design, filmmaking, and animation skills with what we… Read more

How to hire a web design agency

It’s been a year since you decided to bite the bullet and turn your personal passion into your profession. You’ve come home from work every night and put a few hours into creating a business plan and now you’re starting to take on small projects on the weekends. Now, the income from these projects is… Read more

Are wireframes an endangered species?

A short while ago, product designer Sean Dexter wrote an article entitled “Wireframes are becoming less relevant — and that’s a good thing.” Though wireframes are uniformly accepted as a crucial part of the design process which focus attention on usability instead of aesthetics, Dexter argues this is something we should reconsider. In the past, we used… Read more

Kickoff Meetings: What are they and why should you do them?

You’ve found the right company to build your website or develop your digital product (maybe it’s Kobot!). You’ve agreed on a budget and signed a contract. What happens next? Well, any agency worth their weight in bitcoin is going to invite you to a meeting aptly named: the Kickoff. Kickoff should start with high fives… Read more

So you need a website?

Questions you should answer before you call a designer Starting a business or running an organization can be hard enough without having to think about the task of creating the dreaded online presence. Reaching out to someone like Kobot is a substantial first step to ticking this off your list, but it’s a great idea… Read more

Small Brands Do Best When They Do Their Own Thing

Every time I see a small brand launch into an ill-considered social media engagement campaign I get a sore feeling in my gut. I’m not talking about big budget, Super Bowl-sized campaigns, but those small, simple tweets intended to engage followers and start a conversation like “Tell us your favourite experience with our brand.” These… Read more

How I Accidentally Started a Web Design Company

I never intended to start, much less, run a business. I spent my young adult life in Edmonton pursuing the things that I loved which all centered around music. I put on all-ages shows, I wrote zines, designed album covers and t-shirts, I recorded music and most importantly, I played in bands which toured across… Read more