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Digital Strategy

You’re an established expert in your field. You can dance circles around your competition. Basically, you’re awesome.


You’ve just had the most incredible business idea ever! But you have no idea where to go from here.

Regardless if you’re looking for the whole shebang, or more of a Digital Strategy Lite™, Kobot is here to help your business move forward. Digital strategy is where we’re the experts. Let us use our awesomeness to help you show your awesomeness to everyone else.

Kobot offers scalable digital strategy services to help your business get digital. Just getting started and only have time for a quick coffee chat? That’s totally cool by us. We can walk you through the basics and give you some friendly recommendations. Or, if you’re looking for something more thorough, ask us about creating a full digital strategy.

For a full digital strategy, we like to dive deep and learn the environment that you operate in by conducting interviews, and studying competitors, white papers, reports and site analytics. That way, we fully understand the challenges you face and can tailor solutions just for you. It also allows us to break down your audiences, and make recommendations on what kind of content you should be creating and how to create it.

Kobot also loves to learn. Our curiosity can’t be stopped! Which means that we’re constantly searching for new tactics and tools of the trade to help your website perform at its best. And we’ll help you learn too! We’ll show you what your organization needs—from what platforms to be on and how best to use them, to advice about accessibility and technical requirements.

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