Mini Mango

Giving the audience exactly what they need

Mini Mango offers delicious Vietnamese food, served quickly and made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant is a popular choice on Edmonton’s south side, where patrons can grab a quality takeout meal, or sit in the small but well-designed dining room. Mini Mango has worked hard to set itself apart from the many noodle shops found in downtown Edmonton: through the design background of owner Nghia Truong, and the fresh and tasty cooking of his mother, Cang “Mama” Quach, they definitely have.

Giving them what they need

When Mini Mango came to Kobot, they were looking for a website to match the restaurant’s forward-thinking, design-oriented aesthetic. And, as important as looks were, they needed the site to provide a user experience tailored to the way their customers interacted with the shop.


  • The Challenge A website that reflects the way the restaurant operates: The vast majority of Mini Mango’s business is takeout from people on their way home. The site had to address their specific needs.
  • The Solution We put the menu right on the homepage—front and centre and easy to navigate—so that diners don’t have to click link after link to get to what they need: it’s right in front of them. We also focused on the responsive design, ensuring that the menu transferred seamlessly to mobile so that it would be useful to customers on the move.
  • The Results The site gets the audience where it needs to be immediately, without any clicks. It’s perfect for ordering from your desk at the end of the day or even—and we do not recommend this—from the middle of a traffic jam.

We stripped away extraneous information

Of course there are diners who are interested in the story behind the restaurant and, to be fair, the story of the Truong family is a fascinating one—they are Vietnamese refugees who were forced to take a circuitous route to safety in Canada, encountering pirates and a long stay on a deserted island in the process. For the majority of diners, however—as well as for repeat customers—this kind of information isn’t that important, so we didn’t make it the focal point of the site. We stripped out any other information that wasn’t necessary, putting the focus onto the menu and the ordering process, and making it as simple and straightforward as possible.

We made ordering as simple as 1 click

After scrolling through the menu on the site’s front page on their mobile phones, diners need only click the phone number—located right on the page—to be connected directly with the restaurant. It’s as streamlined as possible, and simplifies the ordering process considerably.

Our work on Mini Mango proves our ability to let a site’s primary goal stay primary. There’s no need to get bogged down in gratuitous links or navigation options: a takeout place needs a site that puts the takeout first.

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