Brio Bakery

Bringing bread to the masses

Brio Bakery is a local specialist in sourdough and viennoiserie that uses old-world baking techniques which are so valued in our back-to-basics food culture. Todd Barraclough, Brio’s founder, is nothing if not a expert. He crafts his baked goods with tastes and textures that are both unique and wildly popular.

Accessing key demographics

When Kobot and Brio first connected, the bakery had cornered the market among pocket demographics of Edmontonians. Hip individuals with no children or whose children had left the nest, as well as those willing to pay a little extra and travel a little farther for better food, were already loyal customers. From there, Brio just needed to boost its image, awareness, and accessibility to the biggest bread buyers: families with children at home.

  • The Challenge Letting the bread speak for itself. Oops. We meant brand…letting the brand speak for itself. Brio needed a site that did justice to its product by showing what makes it so exceptional, while explaining their unique in a way that engaged potential clients.
  • The Solution Kobot did extensive research into both how Brio makes their bread and the tone they use to discuss it. We then brought that feeling, along with a personalized logo and visual identity, onto the website to highlight Brio's personality. Kobot used photography heavily in the design of the site, because few things sell food as well as mouthwatering imagery.
  • The Results Brio emerged from this project with a site that talked their walk. They were already producing delicious, artisanal baked goods sought after by loyal customers. Kobot created a website that let Brio show that off, and expand their client base.

Finessing the brand

When Brio first went digital, it was just focused on getting started. They bought a logo and website that was affordable and got the job done. They quickly outgrew both logo and website, and wanted to move away from the limitations they imposed. Kobot crafted a brand that was just as real and individual as the bakery itself. Brio takes pride in creating sourdough and viennoiserie and we wanted that care and attention to detail to echo through their online visual identity.

Finding their voice to tell their story

Brio’s baking bears substantial differences to run-of-the-mill supermarket bread; it perfectly fills a niche in the blossoming food culture in Edmonton. Through extensive research into the unique process that Barraclough uses to create his sourdough and viennoiserie, we used his voice to do justice to his product and let audiences know why they should care.

Pictures worth 1,000 words

Nothing sells a bakery quite like photography. Kobot, working with Bri Vos of Detour Photography, made extensive use of photography in the build of the website to whet the audience’s appetite. We wanted to show Edmontonians that Brio doesn’t just make bread  with exceptional ingredients like organic flour and wild yeast—it makes bread that is just plain delicious.

Our work with Brio Bakery proves Kobot’s ability to get right to the root of what makes an organization special. We took what makes Brio stand out from the crowd, and helped show it off to an entirely new audience that could benefit from the product.

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