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Moving from formal to friendly

Ackroyd LLP is a local, mid-sized law firm that has been a pillar in the Edmonton legal community for over 60 years. The firm prides itself on its down-to-earth personality, and its commitment to both its clients and to each other as a legal team. Their focus on prioritizing positive workplace culture and meeting clients needs has always set them apart, they just needed a website that embodied these qualities too.

Bringing the audience in

Ackroyd had built up a lot of equity and credibility among its existing clients—those that worked with Ackroyd once tend to return for any future legal needs, and pass along their good experience through word of mouth. What Ackroyd LLP wanted next was to use their website to expand their client base past their inner circle.

  • The Challenge Making a website that “doesn’t wear a tie.” Kobot needed to take everything that makes Ackroyd LLP unique among firms—their willingness to put themselves on a level with clients, their respect for those around them, and their hardworking attitude—and translate those qualities into their website.
  • The Solution Kobot, in partnership with SEO firm Bluetrain, created a search-friendly website—making use of the tools of the digital trade to expand exposure. They also took the look of Ackroyd into the modern era using clean and accessible design and content, to hook all those new SEO-driven users and keep them on the site.
  • The Results The messaging of the site focuses on helping the user identify exactly what legal help they need and how to get it. The website now does everything it can to make sure you find the information that you need, and that you never feel too intimidated to ask for help. It also shows off the friendly faces of the lawyers clients will work with, and links them to the services they work in. This means audiences can put names to faces so they can start getting acquainted with Ackroyd right from the word go.

Capturing their personality

From the first meeting with Ackroyd, they let their personality shine through. They showed us that they focus less on what their office looks like—skipping out on the marble floors and glass walls—and continually chose to focus their resources on meeting their clients’ needs. Kobot took this energy and focused it into the various elements of the site: a design that’s modern and clean, but not flashy; text that’s conversational and easy to read, but still gives all the information; and a website the functions well and simply.

Integrating SEO-friendly practices

Kobot worked with project partners at Bluetrain to establish best practices to optimize Ackroyd’s site for search. Kobot then put this information to work, incorporating it into the development of the site, the website’s content, and its design.

Bringing clarity and usability

When Ackroyd approached Kobot, their website was primarily a laundry list of legal services, and had a dated look. Kobot knew we still had to provide Ackroyd’s clients with all that information, but it needed to be done in a more engaging way. Bearing in mind Ackroyd’s organizational personality, Kobot crafted a website with clear and appealing look, which also made the site incredibly easy to navigate.

We were thrilled to work with Kobot to develop our new website.  From the research stage Kobot was able to capture the essence of our firm and exhibit the firm's personality on our new site.

Pam Wojcicki Ackroyd LLP

Our work on Ackroyd LLP is a testament to Kobot’s commitment to listening to our clients. The flashiest website won’t mean anything if it doesn’t reflect the people it represents. We took our research with Ackroyd and turned it into a product that worked best for them.

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