Kobot at the Works Art and Design Festival – Day 3


Kobot is still down here at the Works Art and Design Festival, working on a site for Nuit Blanche. In between answering a lot of questions—which we’re really happy to do, come see us!—we’ve made some progress on the site.

Day 3

  • Most of the content is in place, and it’s just a matter of tweaks and tiny additions surrounding small features.
  • We aded dynamic headers to each page, so each page’s top image is different.
  • The social icons (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are all done and in place.
  • We’ve created the “logo garden” the spot on the bottom of each page where sponsors’ logos will go.
  • We created a function in the back end so that MORE sponsors can be added easily by Nuit Blanche: they’ll just upload a logo, add a URL if necessary (that the logo will link to) and away they go!

Now, we want to show you the frontpage of site as it stands now. This hurts us very much, because it is NOT ready, and it’s weird to show off in process work.

Ok, anyway, here it is:

Nuit Blanche Screenshot

Let’s talk quickly about those colourful boxes (the colours WILL change)—those are the navigation. We went with this approach for two reasons: first, because it’s dynamic and aggressive and hopefully makes you want to click; and second, having a navigation like this lets us easily translate the site to mobile, both aesthetically (the two views will match) and from a code perspective (it’ll be easier to pull off).

We just wanted to draw your attention to that, to our thinking on the issue, and—once again, for emphasis—to the fact that this is NOT the final product. Please, please, please check back and see our progress.

And, how about some Slurpees, doodz?

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