Kobot at the Works Art and Design Festival – Day 2


It’s day three of Kobot’s residency at The Works Festival where we’re at the Graphic Designers of Canada tent working on a website for Nuit Blanche, the international, all-night contemporary art party that will make its first appearance in Edmonton this September.

The second day of our residency at the Works saw us answering a lot more questions, interacting with a lot more people, eating a lot more popsicles and—unfortunately—doing a lot less work. We’ll be working to get back on track tomorrow.

Day 2:


  • Built out the HTML formatting for the pages, the styling that supports the site’s framework ad makes it look nice.


  • Added plugins to the site: Optimizer which compresses files and photos that are uploaded to the CMS so that the site can load the smallest possible file size and therefore load quickly and; Text Blocks which give us more control over the placement of blocks of text, as well as allowing us to have a single input on the back end of text that can be repeated in multiple places on the site (good for an “hours of operation” – or “staff”-type block of text, if that info lives in more than one place on the site).
  • Created short codes for the custom post types, which lets us have better control over them and an easier time inserting them.


  • Wrote yesterday’s blog post!
  • Answered emails.
  • Worked on some research for a different client.
  • You know what? I don’t gotta justify myself to you, maaaaaaan.

We’re hoping to have screen shots throughout the day on Twitter (@wearekobot) and in tomorrow’s blog post.

And just FYI: no one has brought us Slurpees yet and it’s only getting hotter out there.

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